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8 thoughts on “ Corporal Punishment

  1. May 23,  · My tuition teacher in Chennai Miss. Uma Maheshwaran was very strict. She had 2 daughters - one was 14 and other was 12 - who she used to punish mercilessly. One day when we went for tuition he found both girls kneeling down with hands up outside t.
  2. Corporal punishment definition is - punishment that involves hitting someone: physical punishment. How to use corporal punishment in a sentence.
  3. Jun 17,  · Corporal punishment is not an acceptable means to discipline children it affects the child’s behavior and mental development and it play with their emotions. Corporal punishment is a horrible way to teach children self-discipline and is cruel to say the least. To make the children’s education safer the use of corporal punishment should be.
  4. Feb 07,  · Find Corporal Punishment Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Corporal Punishment and see latest updates, news, information from tatergecilmafanlabeahercornbusti.coinfo Explore more on Corporal Punishment.
  5. Judicial corporal punishment: C. Farrell's letter to a British politician, suggesting that you cannot sell the idea of judicial corporal punishment by concentrating exclusively on the deterrence argument, and discussing a number of legal and technical points that need to be addressed in any new proposal.
  6. The words "corporal punishment" do not appear anywhere in it, and nor does it contain any references to paddling, spanking, or any similar wording. What it does call for is the protection of children from "mental and physical violence". When countries signed up to the Convention (which, in any case, the USA has not done), they cannot reasonably.
  7. Corporal punishment definition, physical punishment, as flogging, inflicted on the body of one convicted of a crime: formerly included the death penalty, sentencing to a term of years, etc. See more.
  8. School corporal punishment from the Latin words for "the body" - corpus and corporālis - is the deliberate infliction of physical pain/discomfort and psychological humiliation as a response to undesired behavior by a student or group of students. It often involves striking the student directly across the buttocks or palms of their hands with a tool such as a rattan cane, wooden paddle.

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